30 Beautiful simple modern nail patterns lead the trend

The beautiful nail pattern has quite a lot of variations and simple gentle motifs to help adorn your hands more prominently. Here's a look at favorites today.

The beautiful nail pattern has quite a lot of variations and simple gentle motifs to help adorn your hands more prominently. Here’s a look at favorites today.

1 Gentle Beautiful Nail Pattern

1 Gentle beautiful nail pattern

This nail model was born exclusively for girls who like gentle simplicity, elegant tenderness not too fussy.

2 Simple Beautiful Nail Pattern

2 Simple beautiful nail pattern

This is one of the beautiful nails that many women love. These nail patterns often have extremely cute motifs that are simple, gentle but equally personality will help the hands of schoolgirls, students and office girls become more beautiful.

3 Beautiful Nail Pattern New Year

3 Beautiful nail pattern New Year

Owning a beautiful and suitable New Year nail set, you will surely add both charming and stylish points. Let’s bring the flavors of New Year with cakes, peach blossoms together to add trend and highlights.

4 Beautiful Red Nail Pattern

4 Beautiful red nail pattern

It is one of the nail models that attracts and fascinates people by luxury, youthfulness and extremely charming. It’s more eye-catching as well as fashionable. Owning a beautiful red nail pattern will help you be confident and attractive in front of the crowd in the strongest way.

5 Beautiful Manicure Pattern For The Bride

5 Beautiful manicure pattern for the bride

In addition to the wedding dress or the splendid bridal hairstyle, choosing an impressive nail pattern will also help its owner be more beautiful and prominent on the wedding day.

6 Beautiful Nail Pattern For Dark Skin 1

6 Beautiful nail pattern for dark skin

The pattern of nails suitable for dark skin is to choose paint colors that help to highlight, lighten your skin. You can choose colors such as red, white, earthy colors … Combining pressing, focusing 2-4 fingers with a line pattern is able to complete a beautiful nail pattern that is both simple and extremely trendy.

7 Beautiful Nail Samples For Students

7 Beautiful nail samples for students

Beautiful nail patterns for students are preferred by many female friends. For the age of students often apply gentle motifs and coordinate 1-2 paint colors to be elegant and good looking.

8 Beautiful Black Nail Pattern

8 Beautiful black nail pattern

Black always carries an indescribably seductive mystical style. The black nail pattern has many novel variations with different motifs to help your hands stand out

9 Beautiful Blue Nail Pattern

9 Beautiful blue nail pattern

Beautiful blue nails are said to suit every style whether cute, bright, simple sweet or luxurious. Owning this nail pattern is quite suitable for going to work, hanging out with friends can also go on a date.

10 Beautiful Soil Brown Nail Pattern

10 Beautiful soil brown nail pattern

This is one of those neat and elegant nail models that looks great. A girl with soft earthy brown nails combined with patterns that are both gentle and chic.

11 Beautiful Turquoise Nail Pattern

11 Beautiful turquoise nail pattern

With the world of nails, it is definitely impossible to ignore creative nail styles. This is a wonderful color combination that symbolizes women to symbolize the attractive charm of a girl.

12 Beautiful Pink Nail Pattern

12 Beautiful pink nail pattern

Owning pink nails with your hands will become slimmer than ever. Pink also helps you to enhance the beauty of smooth skin.

13 Beautiful Moss Green Nail Pattern

13 Beautiful moss green nail pattern

Beautiful moss green nails make girls enchanted: This nail model is suitable for all styles whether cute, bright, simple sweet or luxurious.

14 Beautiful Nail Pattern

14 Beautiful Luxury nail pattern

For those who like the fuss and new models of the luxurious nails below is a great idea. The luxurious nail patterns are extremely sparkling to create luxury.

15 Beautiful Nail Pattern Dairy Cows

15 Beautiful nail pattern dairy cows

Beautiful milk cow-shaped nails at home will help your girlfriend stand out more. With this nail model, girls will show their youthful dynamic appearance, creativity, ingenuity in these summer days.

16 Cute Nail Pattern

16 Cute nail pattern

Beautiful nails are born for girls who like cuteness, lightness can wear these models. These nail patterns are one of the colors that lighten the skin and help your hands glow by the patterns like the one pictured.

17 Beautiful Nail Pattern For Short Nails

17 Beautiful nail pattern for short nails

Beautiful nails for short nails are preferred by women. These contradictions represent good luck and charm and make the manicure stand out.

18 Beautiful Nail Polish Gel Paint

18 Beautiful nail polish gel paint

Gel-painted nail patterns are able to hold the color more durable than regular nail polish. Gel paint can help women have more beautiful hands and comfortably do normal daily activities such as washing their hair, washing clothes, washing dishes, cooking … Without worrying about the paint peeling.

19 Beautiful White Nail Pattern

19 Beautiful white nail pattern

White nail patterns are born for sweet girls who often love lightness, sweetness. So, choosing this white nail will make your hands help you become very feminine, sweet.

20 Gucci Beautiful Manicures

20 Gucci’s beautiful manicures

Gucci is a famous major fashion brand known in the world, inspired by the logo of this brand nail technicians who have put Gucci’s image on the art of nails to create novelty, uniqueness and luxury for the owner. Try the Gucci nail model to create a highlight and attraction from all eyes.

21 Beautiful Pointed Nail Pattern

21 Beautiful pointed nail pattern

The pointed nail model has a rather unique and diverse design. Own this nail pattern combined with the decoration of nails with dried flowers, metal beads, copper wires, needles are in vogue and are the most popular.

22 Beautiful Brown Nail Pattern

22 Beautiful brown nail pattern

Brown nails are also among the most popular nail colors. Especially when brown is trendy, there is no reason why you should not try this color.

23 Beautiful Blue Nail Pattern

23 Beautiful blue nail pattern

Blue is one of the most beautiful colors that promises to give you a set of nails that are many times more beautiful.

24 Beautiful Nail Pattern With Stone

24 Beautiful nail pattern with stone

Beautiful stone nails are favored by many people. This nail model enhances the subtle formality and is no less elegantly gentle. The stones are a separate highlight for the hands to become more attractive and attractive.

25 Beautiful Yellow Nail Pattern

25 Beautiful yellow nail pattern

Yellow is always the first color that girls with a feminine, gentle style think of. If you prefer a simple set of nails, you should still choose a smooth yellow nail style.

26 Beautiful Summer Manicure Pattern

26 Beautiful Summer Manicure Pattern

Summer has quite a lot of themes you can recreate the colors and scenery to have vivid hands. Owning summer nail patterns will help the finger look longer, while helping the contour of this nail style more elegant.

27 Beautiful Beach Nail Pattern

27 Beautiful beach nail pattern

The sea is blue, the clouds are white and the sky is sunny, surely the girls can not lack a beautiful nail to wear when going to the beach. A nail suit combined with beachwear will make you a lot more beautiful.

28 Beautiful Nail Pattern

28 Beautiful nail pattern

Beautiful patterns appeared for quite a long time on the market but so far still create a fever pursued by many young people. Most of these beautiful nail patterns never show signs of fading but also create an impressive and attractive accent for your hands.

29 Beautiful Fruity Nail Pattern

29 Beautiful fruity nail pattern

Fruit nail dominates on high-position nail forums that it is difficult for other normal nail styles to keep up. This is considered one of the most popular nail models today. And the fruity nail pattern seems to be in full bloom during the heat and is suitable for picnics in the sea.

30 Beautiful Plum Red Nail Pattern

30 Beautiful plum red nail pattern

Plum red has never stopped being “hot” because of its impressive skin tone, brilliant colors. This nail model has a noble, sophisticated style suitable from luxurious parties to outings, meeting everyday friends …

Above is a compilation of hot beautiful nail patterns leading the current trend. Hopefully through this article you will choose for yourself a beautiful nail pattern that suits your preferences.

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